About Us

 A PR Campaign shouldn't break the bank 

Renagade offers PR Services to aspiring bands and solo artists. We look for those that are unique, fresh, and that have true ‘raw talent’, that is, artists that can unplug and still bring down the house.

Renagades Music focuses on rock, blues, country, true R&B, and bands that just cannot be pegged into one genre. Passion is what drives the Renagade, so your music must be something we really like.

Hip Hop - Rap - punk - death metal and the like is just not our style. ( although we can do a rockin' press release or Bio for you guys and gals too!)

Meet The Renagade Team

Many of you know me a Renagade - Ren - but just who IS Renagade?

I am Susan Leak , Music lover, dealer, writer, and a PR Consultant for some of the best musicians around, I affectionately call the "Renagade's of Music'

No, I did not go to some fancy school or tour with any band, I just love music and know what is good.  I discovered that many of the solid musicians with a classic sound was getting buried and pushed aside for the hip hop rap people that all sound the same.  So I now devote my website, Renagades Music   , to promoting and showcasing those who are unique and have real talent.   True 'Renagades' who go against the flow and do music the old- fashioned  way, they actually play and sing.

As a mother and grandmother, I find myself deeply caring for all the musicians I am associated with.  And as a businesswoman and marketer, I do my best to get their name out there and get their music heard.

As a writer I have many articles posted on several sites, including Examiner.Com, Associated Content and Rants Raves and Renagade, my other blog.

As the Owner of 2Wolves DJ and Karaoke, I, along with my soulmate Steven have had the pleasure of  providing great music for many functions throughout the NE Alabama area.

So when I say: " Music is my Passion, my Life, and my Business" - I mean it!


Certification Achievements


Renagades Music would not be possible without the continued support and help from Nicole.  Known to many as "Bella" from he twitter handle "BellaVita928"

Nicole has been around musicians all her life and has a keen ear for quality. She viciously supports all of the 'Renagades', but has a special place in her heart for David Martinez and Damien Cripps.


Every artist here has shown true talent and a drive to make every song, every performance better than the last.  They also each have a unique sound and styling that sets them apart from the crowd. They are truly "Renagades of Music"

Renagade's offers Indies a place to find information they can use to further their careers, and also personalized services to help them along the way.

Services include:
Press releases
CD sales
Album Liner authoring
Social Media Management
DIY Consultations

 We would like to thank all the great Indies here on Renagades for their faith in us.  They have taken Renagade's down an exciting road, and we look forward to growing the site even further. We love everyone of you and are proud to call you all friend.

A special Thanks to Damien Cripps and Monk. - You two are the reason we keep going.

Feel free to contact any of the ‘Renagades Music’ Musicians listed about our service and discover why we say Music is my Passion, My Life, My Business

 PR is not a ‘guaranteed’ service. “Great” music is judged according to the individual. What IS Guaranteed is the high amount of passion and time we devote to every client.