If Not For Dreaming

If Not For Dreaming is the perfect name for this band. With a sound that covers many genres, from Pop to Rock, to Folk and a hint of ambient, Amity Wahl and Pasquale Russo bring you to a world that is deeply and richly layered in sound and feelings.

Amity has a voice that is light, yet powerful, slightly reminiscent of the vocal skills of Debbie Harry (Blondie). Now partnered with Pasquale’s gentle and skillful guitar riffs, and drums of Jay Jerz They blend together songs that are wonderfully balanced, smooth and, well, dreamlike.

Their independently produced debut CD, If Not For Dreaming, is five tracks that remarkably flow from one track to the other. The Debut CD is fully recorded, written and produced by Amity and Pasquale at their home studio. This self titled CD has all the richness of a main label production and is a good start for this new band.

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