Saturday, February 27, 2010

Got a band?? You Need a website!

As an Indie, you need to have some place on the web you can send people to to find out more about you, listeh, download and purchase your music, and simply see you.  It is alos a way for you to track who likes your music, and what area of the world knows you even exist.
But far too many bands do not have a page set up.  Many site the cost factor.  Please! There are many many places on the web at low cost or no cost to the artists, so let's get started!
You have the following list of great places to set up on:

Just to name a few, all at low cost or free.

Now some prefer to just have a page somewhere.  Which is fine as well.  There are many sites offering pages for artists.  Ones you need to check out are: (music) ( fan page) (yes, my site) ( a true MUST have!)

Again, just a few.

There are some things I highly recommend when buliding up your 'home on the web'.
  1. Get your own domain name.  It is classier going to yourband (dot) com.than to yourband/whatever/whoever/WTH?/com .
  2. Pictures of YOU - Yes, your fans want to see what you look like.
  3. Music -what good is it if your fans can play SOME of your music??
  4. A GOOD Bio - something explaining who you are.  And I do recommend having more than one.  Nothing worst than seeing the same exact same thing everywhere.  Change it up alittle.
  5. A way for your fans to 'belong' - a street team sign-up, guestbook, membership, newsletter sign-up, 'be my friend' something to give them a sense that their visit is appreciated.
  6. A way to purchase your music, t shirts, or other items.
  7. Links to you - twitter, facebook, Reverbnation, etc. 
  8. Links to other places you are on.  If you are being helped out by someone, on a ning site or community you enjoy, help them grow by linking with them. Win - win for both of you.
Having a website is not rocket science, most places have templates for you to use.  Just how fancy you want to get is up to you.  But I will recommend you K.I.S.S. - Keep it Simple Stupid.  Flash can annoy many, and too many bells and whistles can make it difficult for poeple on dial up and slower connecttions to enjoy.

So get going! and dont worry about having it all done at first.  Everytime you add something new it will give people a reason to come back and see.  All the better for you, your website, and your band as a whole.

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