Friday, April 30, 2010

May Day special on WSF Radio with guest Damien Cripps

This Saturday WSF Radio's Indie Lady A will feature the Australian sweetheart, Damien Cripps, Frontman for the Damien Cripps Band.

This show will feature his music and Adrienne will get the inside scoop on just what keeps Damien going,  what inspires him when writing his songs , and what is in store for him and his band.

Show starts at 1:30pm CST and is sure to be one filled with interesting information and knowing Indie Lady A and Damien,  lots of laughs.

So be sure to tune in and hear what happens when an Aussie and a Chicago Doll talk about what they both love dearly .... and thats music.

Indie Lady A - WSF Radio -

Till then! .....Renagade
Renagade has worked with Damien Cripps since June 2009 handling PR, CD sales, and is currently helping with his upcoming US tour.

The show will be recorded and archived for your listening pleasure if you miss it, just use the link above.

I had the pleasure of co-hosting this event.  Always an HONOR to be included on Indie Lady A 's show.


Dede said...

How fun is this going to be! Looking forward to hearing the show. Thanks for the heads up!


Free stock Music said...
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