Sunday, May 9, 2010

Do and Don'ts for Musician's Blogs

One of the best ways to keep in touch with your fans and to gain more is a blog. Fans love finding out more about their favorite musicians and bands and a blog offers you a way to give them an inside peek into your life. There are some basic rules to follow though to keep your reputation in a good light:

  1. Use spell check. - Be sure the spelling is correct. Type out your blog in word first, check spelling then copy and paste in.
  2. Use proper English - Don’t sound like an uneducated thug
  3. DON”T cuss - leave the f-bombs, “N” word etc out of it.
  4. Give some inside scoop - what is the next song about. Your favorite gig spot. What happened before the show, etc.
  5. DO NOT brag about getting drunk, high, or having sex. - Not you or any of your band members.
  6. DO give praise- to a fan, a fellow band member, another artist.
  7. Include extras - Song Lyrics, Videos, background of song, Pictures, etc
  8. Avoid lots of fancy fonts etc - And be sure the colors make it easy on eyes
Update Often - You don’t have to do it everyday, but don’t let it get stale either
By keeping it clean, informative and fun, you will be winning the hearts of your fans and building upon your Web presence.  It is a great way to promote yourself as well.
Now get started!
Later…. Renagade  - where good bands build great reputations

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