Friday, July 2, 2010

If Not For Dreaming creates a Joyous Rush

Every once in a while, an artist tosses me something that Wows me within the first few seconds.
Damien Cripps grabbed my my heart with the first notes of Pictures, Monk touched my soul with the reflective Fill the Emptiness , now If Not for Dreaming captured my spirit with their debut video of Joyous Rush.
This video is suberbly filmed and edited, flowing along with the song like a leaf flows down a stream. It give you a wonderful look into the stage presence of Amity and the band, as well as the creation of their music.

Joyous Rush, from their debut album If Not For Dreaming, is an excellent song that creates a visual when listened to, but to see Amity and Pats vision for the song gives you an insight into the spirit of this band. The thing that gives them A Joyous Rush is writing and performing together.

If Not For Dreaming's first video release, "Joyous Rush"!
Video shot and edited by Dustin Schultz and Steve Fiore

If Not For Dreaming is:
Amity Wahl - vocals/guitar
Pasquale Russo - guitar
Jay Jerz - bass
Carl Goding - drums

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Video shot at Trod Nossel Studios, Wallingford, CT
Amity's makeup by Lauren Anne Page
Additional thanks to Stephanie Jerz

If Not For Dreaming is a member of Renagades of Music. Visit them at


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