Monday, November 22, 2010

Damien Cripps set to rock out Vancouver

Good News! This Tuesday, November 23, 2010 Vancouver is blessed with a night filled with the best in Acoustic music, Headlining Damien Cripps from Perth Australia.

Damien, the front man for the Damien Cripps Band, also is a much in demand solo musician in Australia, playing at some of the best spots throughout the country. He never fails to mesmerize the crowd with a collection of original songs , like the hot newly  re-released "Angels In Darkness", the bluesy soulful "Meltdown" or the ever so popular "Pictures".

Joining Damien on this talent packed night is:
COLUMBIA, five guys from Vancouver, have created a big rock sound all of their own and are doing it the way they want playing shows from The Vogue in Vancouver all the way the The Kat Club on Sunset Strip in Los Angeles. They have recently released some great new tracks like “My Conscience Me” and “Motor Ride,” both instantly catchy powerful songs that make you want to join the ride.

KRIS LANGEMAN guitar player and vocalist from the acoustic/roots group Blaming Taylor is known for his affinity for percussion and drums, and he and vocalist/drummer NICK HOPE are a formidable and entertaining duo that never let the groove slip away as they move through many moods.

Songwriter PHIL DICKSON loves performing, loves people, and loves singing. And when you pair his acoustic guitar with the slick and sweet electric sounds of NICK HOPE, his songs take on a near mystical property.

Rock.It Boy Entertainment presents this Acoustic Evening on Tuesday, November 23rd at The Media Club located at 695 Cambie Street in Vancouver (Ph 604-608-2871). Tickets are on sale online at Doors open at 8:00PM.

Now the Bad News -

I am sadden to report that due to the complexity of the Visa system, and the class of Visa Damien Cripps has to secure in order to come to the USA, his much promoted shows set for December of 2010 have been postponed.

The professional standing that the United States Customs and Immigration Service sets for solo artists is extremely high. We are steadily working to meet them, and are convenient we will, it is just going to take a little more time than we have in order for the USCIS to review the material.. As all Americans know, our Government, especially the Immigration dept, moves slowly and is bureaucratically heavy.

THAT SAID, the tour is not 'cancelled' - just put on hold with Damien's sights set for next year.

I personally want to thank the scores of people whom helped us so much throughout this, to try to name you all would be impossible, but special thanks go out to those professionals in the Music field whom took the time to write the letters of recommendations for Damien. Not many know how quickly you all responded to the request. It was amazing and Thank You no where expresses what we feel in our hearts. And a special Thank You to the venues that worked with me in booking Damien. I am eternally grateful to you all, your understanding in this situation is wonderful, and not only touches my heart, but shows just how much you all have passion for music.

And of course, the biggest Thank You goes out to Mr. Damien Cripps. Your faith and trust in me is overwhelming. I am extremely proud to be part of your incredible team, and look forward to working along side of you for many years to come.

To everyone - I encourage you all to stop by and view the special page on Damien Cripps website where you can see and hear Damien's own message about this matter.
Damien Cripps - Update US Tour.

And for those of you whom make it to the Vancouver show, be ready for the BEST show Damien has ever done.

Thanks ----
Renagade is Damien Cripps USA tour manager/contact

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