Monday, August 15, 2011

Dry Riser is anything but dry with new release: Tangerine

Dry Riser of North London has done it again.  Their latest single - Tangerine with its tangy slides on guitar,  drip down into your soul vocals - Dry Riser takes the classic English Rock sound and delivers it in a fresh new way.

I have been a fan of this band since I was given the opportunity to review their debut CD - 2 Many Chiefs. (review found here) and have been, like many fans, waiting to see if they would stay true to that sound that screams "British Rock" .  Upon hearing just the first few notes, I knew the answer, my mind immediately flashed back to the later Beatles, Sargent Pepper Era. 

But don't think that is all you will here within Tangerine.  Dry Riser has melded together touches of the Kinks, The Crooked Vultures and stirred in a touch of Pink Floyd.  The end result is a tune that quickly slides into your soul and mind.  A song that continues its journey, resonating within you long after you hear it.
View the video (below) of Tangerine and experience for yourself the moving forward flashback style of this incredible band.

Dry Riser : Nik Ledgard - Vocals & Guitar,  Matthew Lintott - Vocals & Guitar,   Jack Driver - Bass,  and  Pete Bembridge - Drums


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Linda Kelly Lee said...

Love this song. A great job. So much talent.