Saturday, January 7, 2012

Garrett Morgan's music won't leave you Standing On A Bridge

Indie musicians are everywhere now-a-days making it great for them but harder to find truly good artists. Garrett Morgan is one of those stand out greats. Garrett’s style of country is uniquely fresh yet comfortably true – kinda like your favorite jeans – his music fits just right and makes you never want to take it off your player.

Although living in Sacramento (where he's enjoying the No. 1 slot on Sacramento's Americana charts at ) Garrett's roots are deep in Texas. Growing up around San Antonio, the classic Texas style, red dirt music is clearly deeply imbedded in his soul. Recently, on Twitter, Garrett stated “I have a deeply held belief that every song would be better with banjo in it.” He not only uses a little banjo in his music, but fiddle, mandolin, guitar and drums – topped off with clear lead vocals and extraordinary backup vocals -blending it all together to create songs you will want to hear over and over again. From the haunting lyrics of She Says to the foot stomping beat of Serena there is something for everyone in his EP. But the the one cut that captured my heart is the title cut – Standing on a Bridge. The Guitar beginning lures you in letting the rich vocals grab you, and closing your eyes – you are on that bridge.

Garrett knows how difficult it is to stand out from the crowd as an Indie. "I can reach every single fan that Sony or Columbia can, I just have to make better use of resources.” says Garrett. You can find Garrett on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, , as well as iTunes, CDBaby, and his own site –

To sum it up – Garrett must stand for : Gutsy Artistic Red Road Epic Tantalizing Tunes

“I'm fortunate to have figured out that to be able to make music other people love hearing - music that tugs at their emotions - is such a huge honor. I'll never take that for granted." - Garrett Morgan

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