Monday, July 16, 2012

Madison Rising's Star Spangled Banner Makes it Cool to be Patriotic Once Again

The Star Spangled Banner  - our National Anthem - has been a part of our American culture since it was written.  Many musicians have given their own rendition of this song, some great ( Jimi Hendrix, Whitney Houston) some horrendous (Christina Aguilera , Rosanne Barr) ( ok - Rosanne not a musician - but by far the worst).  But none have revamped and rocked it like Madison Rising.

I first heard of Madison Rising when the curator of asked me to take a look at the two part series on their website.  Writer Michelle Venturo goes behind the scenes with Madison Rising  in Madison Rising Defends America’s Star Spangled Banner with Their “BadAss” Rendition 
and gets in-depth with lead singer Dave Bray : Part 2: Meet Dave Bray The Lead Singer for Madison Rising  Both articles are a must read.  And the song is a must hear.

This rendition is taking the music world by storm.  No other band since Hendrix has taken this classic and made it " their own" with such style and respect for the original.

About Madison Rising ( courtesy of / Con Brio PR) :

Dave Bray is the front man for Madison Rising. A dedicated patriot, Bray  served in the U.S. Navy for four years as an 8404 FMF corpsman for 2nd battalion 2nd marines, and while at Camp Johnson in North Carolina, won the coveted Top Dog Award. He was the lead singer of the bands 1Echo1 and Soveren prior to becoming the front man for Madison Rising.

Madison Rising takes their name  in honor of James Madison, the fourth President of the United States and a key author of the Constitution, The Bill of Rights and The Federalist Papers. Madison Rising promotes the principles of liberty, independence, and personal responsibility.

As we approach so many landmark dates in American history, please show your support by posting Madison Rising performing The Star Spangled Banner . For more information, please visit

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