Friday, July 17, 2009

Collecting Music and selling vinyl records

Writing for the Examiner has been alot of fun, but a real challenge also. But it has also connected me with some really wonderful and talented people in the music world, some of who I can actually call friend now.

The other night I was a guest on the podcast, The Selling Circus, and there were many questions about not only my writing for the Examiner, but vinyl records as well. I thought I would give you all a brief history of how my selling vinyl came to be.

My Hubby and I (PS by the way, he is the Original Renagade), decided to expend our CD collection to include some of the older rock we love. We discovered it was difficult if not impossible to find copies of many of them. We got to thinking that our grandchildren may never get to hear some of the great music we loved, not to mention the songs we remember fondly our parents listening to. So we set out to copy some of the old vinyl we had and get them onto CDs for the kids.

We discovered we really enjoyed hearing all those old records again, and started buying more....and more...and more. Next thing we knew we couldn't move in the house for the records! Since I was already selling online, we decided to try selling some....and the rest is history.

The music library of songs for the Grand babies is over 800 full albums and over 15,000 singles and we still have hundreds left to play. Not all the music has come off of Vinyl. We have done cassettes,CDs, 8 tracks, and some downloads. We have everything for classical to classic rock, new age to blues, metal and yes, even some rap. We use all the music not just for the kids and our own pleasure, but it allows us to have a vast library of tunes for our DJ/Karaoke service 2Wolves Music & Audio.

Music is a way parents can connect with their children. Each of my two girls have their own "song" that we claimed as "theirs", as do their girls. Like they way couples will claim a song as "their song".

Music has always played an important role in my life, but now through my selling, DJing, and Examiner, Music is "My Passion, My Life, and My Business"


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