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My Interview With Damien Cripps

I recently had the pleasure of covering Damien Cripps Band for the Examiner, and actually helped introduce this fabulous Australian Band to the U.S. market. I had listened to a few of there songs and really liked what I heard. Once Damien agreed to allowing me to do a cover story, I was ecstatic. So you can imagine my excitement when he said he wanted to do a phone call first. After talking to Damien, I had a good sense of who he was, what made him tick, and just how dedicated all of the band members are to really making sure every song, every performance is the best it can be. The road for them has been a tough one, but their drive and determination is never wavering. You can look to see this band being around for a long time, all it's going to take to shoot them to that "overnight success" status is a Recording Label that will allow them the creative control they need. As Damien said, he "can not and will not 'sell out' his music for the 'star' factor".
The following is the email interview we did in preparing for the Article 'Damien Cripps Band- Australia's Hottest Rock' Thanks to Michael, Kris and Frank for helping me out here. And Special thanks to Damien, whom I now proudly call friend.
Special Announcement:
Damien is honored to announce that the band will be playing support for none other than Suzi Quatro In Perth, AU on Sept 22, 2009. Congratulations guys, another great gig.
Damien Cripps Band is also very active in Australia's Blue Sky Day for Mental Health Awareness. For more details visit .
Damien Cripps and the Band have sent support to the U.S. as well through Bear2Care . Check out this great organization,
To stay up with their news, check out Damien Cripps Band Blog.

Band Members Names, talents
Damien Cripps – Guitars & Vocals
Michael Basham – Guitars & Vocals
Frank Celenza – Drums
Kris Webb – Bass Guitar

What inspired you to form the band? How did you all get together?
The band was formed in 2005 – I had played in several bands and wanted to start releasing the songs I had written. The bands I was playing in were not the forum to release them. So I set about forming my own band with guys who I thought played in a way that would best represent my sound

Everyone has a Favorite song listed on website...(Mikey...London Bridges? REALLY??) ...but they are done by other artists. What is the Damien Cripps Band song that you each favor?
Damien – My favorite song changes daily – at the moment it is Bruce Springsteen & the E street band – The river – its to hard to choose my favorite DCB song at the moment is probably ‘Universe’
Kris - My favourite song is Meltdown but because we don't play it live, mine would have to be Angels In Darkness
Michael – Favorite song – anything from the Darkness. Damien Cripps Band = Pictures
Frank – anything led zeppelin – DCB – Pictures

Is there a song you may say is the bands "Trademark" song? That best reflects the band? (Can you please include the Lyrics)
ATM – would have to be ‘Pictures’
Pictures Damien Cripps Band
Monday comes, shopping’s done, I guess ill put the T.V on
You will make it, and then you’ll break it
In and out on the phone, can’t get you girl on your own
You’ll be talking and ill be walking
Then there’s you with someone new, I can’t believe you’re actually gone
You were faking and I was mistaken
Bring me Pictures of you Three red candles and a little perfume
Bring me pitchers of wine A little Jack Daniels, tequila on the side \
Monday Comes shopping’s done I guess ill put the T.V on
Your loves been stolen, did you own it?
Friday comes the weekends on and someone’s got the Radio on
you were faking I was mistaken
Someone saw you now they adore you
Its kind a like your running from the sun
Love will find you its right behind you
And I'm putting your name on the card Baby

Damien I know you have written many of the songs, but are they any other writers in the band?
Michael and I have co written many of the songs currently available = Universe, Sophie, Celebrity Slide Frank co wrote Pictures with me Kris is a relatively new member and is co writing on new album

Who did the video work?
We have a documentary in the pipeline. All the camera work was done by Derek Hobbs but the production is all controlled by DCB

How is the Album coming along?
The album is finished (we have started working on a new record now) how ever the songs are getting released one at a time (digitally) so there is 5 more to come to itunes off the current album
What gigs do you have coming up??
Countless – it changes daily – the best way to keep up with the shows is via the my space page – Hopefully the US will receive us in mid 2010

When I spoke to Damien, he expressed that the most important thing for the band (from his viewpoint) is for people to come to the band....for the music...not for the band to be crammed at the people. I agree and your music is going to build you a very big fan base. Is there anything you all feel I can do to help more people come to know the Damien Cripps Band?
You are already doing more than we could have hoped for. The most important thing we want people to know is. That all though will do music for a living we would prefer people to have our music for free. Sales will follow via word of mouth. Encourage people to interact with us and be part of what may be the biggest music revolution of the last 50 years

PICTURES - This Song had me on the first note!

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