Sunday, January 17, 2010

Interview with Scotty Isbell

Scotty Isbell is young, full of energy and excitement, and very talented. Scott, with the help of Manager and mentorWalter Pope is currently in studio recording his debut CD.  I had the pleasure of introducing Scotty to my readers with Scott Isbell offers up Pop music with spice . Following is the interveiw that lead to this article.
May it give you alittle more insight into this young and talented guy.

1.Tell us alittle about a day of Scott Isbell?

I go to a prep school as a day student and after school I have hockey practice. I play for both a junior hockey team in the IJHL as well as for my varsity team at school.
On the weekends is when I do a lot of my music. I go to the studios on the weekends with my manager Walter Pope who is a rapper and he has performed with artists such as Ne-Yo, Akon, Sean Paul, and many others. I also write my own songs during the weekends or at night during the week after I get my homework done.

2 How does your family feel about your singing career?
My family is extremely supportive of my singing career. They are behind me 100% and they are always eager to hear the music that I have created.

3, Any performances you have done you would like to tell us about?
When I was little, only about seven or eight years old, I performed several times at an Elvis impersonating show as the special guest and I most remember singing with my Elvis jumpsuits that were custom made for me.

4. You Bio states you have done some acting as well... Tell us a little about that.
I do acting for TV and film and I am currently on the TV Show Aqua Kids, a marine biology kids show and I was in a movie this past summer called Ironsides and I also acted in a new music video.

5. Have you had any formal training for your singing or acting?
I have taken singing lessons in the past, and during that time I peformed in countless music recitals performing such songs as A Moment Like This and I'll Be.
I have also had training for musical theater as well.

6. Are you involved in music through the school? What courses or activities, if any,are you taking to help further your career?
Yes, I am involved with the school's pop accapella group. (my main focus is my solo career :) ) haha

7. You also mention in your bio you have ADD. To many, this is a subject they dont talk about, yet you freely state you have it. Do you feel you can help other ADD sufferers by talking about it?
When I was about eight years old, I was diagnosed with ADD. Along with that, I have a little bit of obsessive compulsive problems, but I have never let either of them stop me from accomplishing my goals and dreams.
I want to let other people with ADD know that it is a learning disability that can be dealt with and one that does not have to interfere with ones goals and dreams. I hope to be able to do a show that benefits ADD and plan on writing a song about the learning disability.

8. You have a Manager, Walter Pope AKA Mr Flip-it, how did you two get together?
I met Pope through his body guard and security work for school. Along with being a rapper, Pope has done body guard work for Ne-Yo, and he also is my manager. I met Pope at my school where he he part of the crime security crew there. I go to a prep school as a day student and my first couple of weeks at that school I was quiet, but I shared my music with Pope and it was a tribute I had done for Michael Jackson. He at first thought that he was listening to the actual Michael Jackson when he was younger. He could not believe that a voice like that came out of me, as at the time I was pretty quiet.
Flip-It is literally the most amazing rapper I have ever heard. Everything that he raps is freestyle and he does whatever comes off the top of his head. He is truly a class act and he is the nicest guy ever. He calls me "Best Kept Secret"

9. Who has written the songs for your album?
I write all of my own lyrics. The parts where Pope raps in the songs, he actually freestyles that.

10 You are also an avid Hockey player.... how is your team doing? And how does your teamates feel about your singing
I play on two different teams: a junior hockey team and also the varsity team for my school.
My teammates love to hear me sing, and it is very rare for me to not sing atleast one song after every practice.

11 Are any of your family or friends involved in music or acting?
I have met some amazing people through my music and acting career. Just last summer I met Nat and Alex Wolff of the Naked Brothers Band after their show and I talked with them about both of our careers. They are awesome kids.
12 Who is the one person that you wish you could meet and what would you ask them?
I really would like to meet Justin Bieber and get to know him. He is a huge idol of mine, and I think that he is a great role model for other young musicians to follow. My dream is to open up for him sometime in the future for a show. That would be amazing. Justin seems like an awesome kid who is really down to earth.
What is next for Scott?
I am currently working on new songs and going to the studio to record them. My manager is setting up my concert dates and cannot wait to perform for everyone!
I am hoping to get a record deal in the future. I want to be able to showcase my music to the world and I want to be able to live my dream of becoming a professional singer.
I also someday hope to be able to sing for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

Anything Else?
I appreciate all of the support from my fans so much and I am unable to live my dream without their support!

Visit Scotty at MySpace , Twitter , and at Renagades


Emily Proulx said...

I met scott Isbell at skylite. It was a night I will never forget. He is a really nice guy. My names Emily Proulx b.t.w anyways he is the most amazing guy ever. He has been helping me feel better about myself and stuff. I have a learning disability as well. I don't know what it's called but I have this thing where I will be totally focussed and see something or think of something and forget what I was doing. Anyway I am so glad that I met him. He said he promises to come out here to worcester again. He is absolutely amazing. When I met him I was like he's so cool. I hope all his hopes and dreams come true he deserves it. He has been being a friend to me on myspace. I have been sharing my song with him and he says he likes them and he also says that I should share them and be proud that I can write songs and to keep up the good work. He is super talanted to. He is the most amazing guy you will ever be luky enough to meet. I can't say how incrediblely nice he is. I will always remember the day he came to my favorite place ever skylite. I will never forget what he tells me eather. He basically says to never give up on my dreams and to not care what haters say and He also says i'm a nice girl. Oh and I just want to say something just incase someone wants to start rumors lol. WE ARE JUST FRIENDS NOTHING MORE. Ok so please stop saying that people I got asked 4 times if I was anything else and I said no I'm not dating anyone so yah lol stop saying i'm dating him cause i'm not. ok. And anygirl would be lucky to be his girl friend, I'm so lucky to be his FRIEND. I HOPE WE CAN ALWAYS REMAIN FRIENDS FOR EVER! CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU AGAIN SCOTT!!!!!!=D

Emily Proulx said...

Hey it's me again. Like I said he's so amazing. I miss him and can't wait to see him again. He actually talks to his fans so comeon people lets spread the word for people to add him on myspace at
and follow on twitter at
listen to his 2 songs on here listen to more on his myspace.And see for your self he is very talanted and EVERYTHING so please help him get more famous.He deserves it. If your reading this scott your amazing and I love you(as a friend) Why else would I have written a song about you? You should come back to worcester SOON!!!!!=) If you can please come back on july 9th it would be amazingly awsome!!! I'm gonna be haveing A SWEET 16 BIRTHDAY PARTY! YOU ARE INVITED!!!=D IF YOU can come it will totally BE A SWEET 16 FOR ME!=)It's gonna be at skylite. I'm at school right now people are really geting on my nerves but I keep reminding myself not to listen to them man it's so hard but I know I can ignore them!! I wish you were here. People here said you can't sing I was like hold up he's the best lets hear you sing ... that's what I thought. Your the one who helps me have more confidence I JUST WANTED TO SAY THANK YOU AND I COULD NEVER SAY ENOUGH how talanted and nice and simply amazing you are!!! keep up the good work=) Always stay who you are and never change for anyone and always REMEMBER YOUR AWSOME WORCESTER FANS
PS. the girl also said justin bieber stinks so yah don't let haters get to you. YOUR THE BEST WE ALL CAN'T WAIT TILL YOU COME BACK TO WORCESTER/ AT SKYLITE. PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHEN YOUR COMING BACK OUT=)THANKS!!!=)