Monday, November 16, 2009

The Whispers of the Dragon say a scam is on the loose

It has been brought to my attention a site called is running a major scam. Whispers of the Dragon band came close to becoming a victim, but they followed their gut feeling and investigated before being sucked in.

They have shared their findings in their blog:
"....we began to research the site and found that if we wanted to keep up this stairway to stardom, that we would have to start paying a monthly charge after our free 30 day trial. Still at this point it seemed very tempting to jump on. We had never seen this much activity, fan gathering and plays. As musicians it’s our dream to hit levels like this and we all believe that some day this could happen. It is all about dreaming.
Additional research on numerous blogs from around the world dating back as far as 2006 showed numerous musicians had been involved and lost money (it used to be the first six months for 35 dollars). In addition many had pasted their emails they received which were identical in there wording to ours. At this pont it really seemed to us that we were probably involved in a questionable site."

Please go and read their entire blog, decide for yourself, and spread the word.
I did ... and I agree, major scam.

PS.... Check out Whispers of the Dragon music while you are there! you will be glad you did!

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