Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Should Indie Bands just give it away?

To give or not to give, that has been the question plaguing many bands, especially the Indie bands for quite some time. One side says " We spend thousands of dollars and thousands of hours on our music we need to make money!" The other side says " We spend thousands or dollars and thousands of hours on our music and we want it heard!" Who is right here?

Well they both are. Many people are clueless to the fact making music costs a lot of money and a lot of time. Bands, especially Indies, foot this bill out of their own pocket and rarely make it back. Many people think it is 'only' a song, why cant I have it for free? And some will not pay for a album if they have NO idea of what they sound like, and rightfully so. But what is the solution?
In my opinion, a recent article on blog hits the nail on the head. In Free Music = Free Advertising = Smart Business, Dexter Bryant makes the valid point: Songs are the best advertising tool any musician has and a select few can and should be used to advertise. And yes, this means GIVE them away.
As soon as bands see that their songs are the best product sample, business card, advertisement that they have, they will see an increased fan base, and increased in actual sales.
Kudos to Mr. Bryant! Great to see someone plainly state Free Music = Free Advertising = Smart Business
Now, what say you? SHOULD Bands , especially Indies, just give it away?
Have you or will you buy from those who do so?


Brenda said...

I guess I dance to the beat of a different drummer, because I always feel guilty when I get free songs. I know making music costs money, and I really don't expect them to give it to me. Having said that, I have bought music from several indie musicians I first heard through a free song promotion, but I have also bought music after just listening to songs on various music sites.

I have zero problem with paying the piper when I like the music, and I am so glad to discover there is plenty of good music out there to choose from. You just have to know where to look.

Thanks, Ren, for exposing me to some fantastic music I wouldn't have found without you!

RockandRollGuru said...

The Grateful Dead became the leaders of an incredible tribe by giving it away. They encouraged us to not only tape shows, but to trade them amongst ourselves, asking only that we not sell them. It worked out pretty well for them :-)

Gypsy Trading Company said...

I do not think they should give it away at all. In this day and age, everyone wants something for nothing. With being said, why would I buy, if I am getting it for free?

Anonymous said...

Its smart to give away your music simply for free, have ISPs charge a flat fee on everyone and then re-distribute the money back to artists through some sort of NPO
most bands make money off touring more than sales anyway.