Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Is your online conduct hurting your 'Band Brand'?

Recently on my Rants. Raves, Renagade blog, I posted two articles addressing behavior online. Although that blog is geared towards eCommerce Merchants, people in the music industry need to take heed as well.

In "Are your words running across the internet?" I ask the question "How is your reputation?" and demonstrate how what you post on social media sites, forums and other places on the web can make or break your reputation. Dont think for one second that people don’t notice or care. And surely don't think that your words stay where you left them.

In the second post, "Are you Talkin' to me???.....You  Talkin' to ME??? I tackle the subject of beefs, gripes, moans, and down right slams and arguments on the web. Not the way to win a fan base people.

If you are a musician, you are a business person plain and simple. Your music is your product, and the way you conduct yourself online can and will have lasting effects on the saleability of your product. Your Name is your Brand, and what you say and do online can affect that brand.

If you get into a public row with someone, it can hurt. If you slam out nothing but 'Hey! Look at me!" messages, you will be branded a spammer and your words will lose value. If you talk trashy talk with others, dropping F-Bombs and other 'colorful ' words around, some will grow weary and drop you too. Or worse, not allow their kids to buy your music or fail to go an even listen to your music themselves. As and Indie Artist, the loss of one fan can equal the loss of hundreds more simply by losing that one person not telling others about you.  And if you have a 'day job', what is your employers opinion about your online persona and the way you are handling yourself.

Social Media is a powerful, powerful marketing tool for music. Use it wisely to build your Brand and the fan base and sales will follow.

Later..........Renagade where good Indies build great reputations. 

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