Thursday, March 11, 2010

You started a band, should you get a manager?

So you have a band. You know all about music and are good, but the business end of it is scaring the crap out of you. Do you need a hire a high priced manager?

Not necessarily. But you do need someone to handle the business end of things. Many bands and artists are self managing things themselves to keep down costs and to maintain control of there business. This is fine if you have a member that is business savvy and can and will fulfill the role. But what if you don’t?

I read an interesting piece on when does a band need a manager. The author laid out things a band should have already accomplished before looking for a manager, from having a solid press kit to already playing many gigs and having a loyal widespread fan base. I disagree.

Yes, it would make getting any managing agency to take you on as a client easier, for you have already done all the hard work of building up your business. And really, outside of removing some of the workload off of you, at this point, why spend the money for a manager? And how will the venues you have been dealing with on a one on one basis feel about having to deal with a manager now?

A good manager should be willing to work with you and help you in the beginning of your career. If you can’t hire them fulltime, they should be willing to set up some sort of hourly basis. And they should honestly be into your music. Why hire someone that mainly deals with heavy metal if you play country?

When looking for someone to manage your band, you do need to research their record, talk to other bands they are working with and have worked with in the past. Be sure to get everything in writing, and be sure it is not a contract you could not end when and if you feel they are just not the right one for your band.

Having a music career is a business, and needs to be addressed as such. And good management at the beginning is vital for the success of the band. But the good news is you do not always have to go hire a big firm. Many times you can find the perfect manager within the band or within your fan base. Just be sure to find one with the passion for your music and the business sense to help you drive your band into the spotlight.

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