Thursday, April 8, 2010

Musicians Friend - a Model for Customer Support

Many have heard of Musician's Friend and have shopped them.  If so you know that they offer a 45-Day Best Price + Satisfaction Guarantee at  What you many not know is they have a Customer Service Team that can't be beat.  The following was posted on my Rants,Raves,Renagade Blog in Dec of 2008, and in light of  continuing great service, I felt posting this story here on my Music blog was only approperate.

Musicians Friend - Delivers
Musicians Friend..... Anyone who is a musician, a DJ, or just like to have the best in audio equipment has heard of them. They carry everything from the most professional grade amps and speakers down to guitar picks and drumsticks. If it is music related, you can find it here.

Now what I want to tell you about is along with the great product line, Musician's Friend offers THE most top of the line Customer Support Team I have ever dealt with.

We had ordered from them many times, and have contacted them with everything from simple questions to heart stopping problems, and everytime they have reponded quickly, professionally, and,..... living up to the name of Musician's Friend,...... like a friend.

I must tell you about the last last set of calls made to their customer support team. We had ordered a set of peavey PA speakers along with stands and other equipment, and like they always do, they sent the tracking number and link to UPS. We noted the delivery date and when that day came was surprised to find out that UPS delivered them while we where not at home. Very much surprised, since the boxes where not at my house! After contacting UPS, and while waiting for them to call back, we called Musician's Friends customer service. They not only sprung into action immediately to start a tracer, they reassured us that it was insured and if the shipment was lost they would reship the entire order within seven days.

Well to make a VERY long story short, the shipment was found, UPS delivered to the wrong house. The UPS driver was able to get the equipment, but the neighbors who recieved the boxes had opened them, threw out the boxes and thought they had themselves a good set of Peaveys for nothing. Musician's Friend said not to worry, would still stand behind what we bought.

We contacted them three times that night, and each time their Customer support team was professional but more importantly.... they genuinely CARED! They went over and above to let us know they where there for us.
A special Thanks goes out to Walt(?) , John, and Raymond who where working the phones on Dec 10, 2008.  They could not have done a better job! They are all top of the line and set a fine example in what customer support is all about.

After that night, we we never buy from any other company BUT Musician's Friend. Their name says it all, and they are truly our friends now.

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Disclosure: Renagade is an affliate marketer for Musicians Friend.  This story explains why Renagade choses to do so.  Visit Musicians Friend Today.

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