Monday, April 19, 2010

How Indies are using home recording successfully

Many Indie musicians are turning to home recording of their music. This can be a tough road, finding the right equipment, preparing the tracks, and mixing producing etc can be a mind blowing feat. Even the most experienced musician can hit snags along the way.

Well the good people of is hoping to help you out. This week they are posting a series of articles, interviews with musicians from across the genres to find out just what works and how they have overcome some of the obstacles of home recording.

Please take the time to check it out. It is packed with information every musician can use.

Starting off this series is Boston native Nick Lattanzi of the folk band Sun Cut Flat. Their debut album Running Of The Bulls brings to you a unique sound described as Folk/ Roots Rock. Nick covers studio set up, programs used and a lot more.

Next is Philadelphia-based electronic instrumental composer ESEMDEE tells about his equipment, inspiration and creative process.

Wednesday is Boston-based frontman and sole member of industrial rock outfit Cancer Killing Gemini, Eric Michael Cohen. Recorded entirely in-home, Cancer Killing Gemini's recently released debut album, entitled It Only Hurts When We Breathe is a tour de force combination of hard rock riffs, electronica programming and pop hooks.

Thursday brings you Vancouver-based Blues songwriter/ guitarist Jeff Wyatt who has spent a lifetime building up his collection of recording equipment, and just as much time learning how to use it all. Jeff was gracious enough to give an incredible amount of insight into recording guitar and vocals- ranging from what mics to use and where to place them, all the way to equalization, compression and further mixing and mastering techniques.

What are some of the proven techiques you use? What is your favorite piece of equipment or software that has made a difference in your recording?

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