Thursday, July 29, 2010

What Bands can Learn from Radio Stations Regarding Social Media

The headline caught my attention -
Radio's Social Media Performance is Pathetic

I thought, hmm it isn't just me who feels this way. And no, I am not. With several comments, posts to facebook and retweets shortly after it was posted, to over all consensus in YES, Radio Stations haven't a clue about social media.

Social media such as FaceBook, My Space , Twitter and others are a powerful powerful marketing tool. And for the most part, the Radio stations get that and used them to let the fans know whats goodies they got going on. But the failure comes into play when they use Twitter, etc as their soap box and forget the first word in the term Social Media. Unfortunately, so do some musicians.

Fans want to here about what gigs you have coming up, what CD or song you are working on and given links, will repeatedly  view your you tube. But fans appetite for new stuff is ravenous, so if that is all you are using these sites for, they will quickly go find another place ( band) to feed their hunger.

The easiest way to keep their attention is by actually engaging with them. Now I know many of you have 1000 or more fans following you all over, and are thinking " I don't have the time to 'engage' them all. Well it would be crazy to try to. But you can occasionally welcome your new people, personally post an answer or response, and thank them for the prop ups and love they are throwing your way. If you are sincere about it, you will find the casual fans become loyal devoted ones giving you the most important form of advertising going - 'word of mouth'.

I recommend going and reading Mark Ramsey's article., Radios Social Media Performance is Pathetic , his insight is great and you will find tips any one that is using social media within their business can use.

And if you have a tip for others, feel free to share it here. I am always looking for ways to improve my social skills myself.

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