Sunday, August 8, 2010

Tips on Self Promoting your Music

So, you have written some awesome tunes, recorded them, and have the downloads and CDs ready for sale, maybe even have them up on your site available for purchase already. Now What?

Gone are the early days of recording a few tunes and people finding them and buying. The marketplace is far more vast and good music is everywhere. So just how do you drive traffic to YOUR songs?

There are countless ways to do that, but fair warning, this does take time, and work. Countless books, DVDs, pod casts, webinars and seminars are available and some are really good sources of information. There is also a gazillion places on the web to find some information as well. But before you run yourself ragged looking for this, let cover some of the basics here.

Make Google Work For You
  1. Be sure your title is the title and your name: People may not remember your CD called “XYZ and ME” , but may remember it is by “The Crazy Hippos” . Be sure your downloads and CD listings have both in title.
  2. Is the price right? - Don’t expect to sell YOUR CD of music for $30 when others are selling for $14. Research your prices.
Feed The Beast - The items found on Google are not always found BY Google. They are fed to Google via Google Product Search . Luckily many, many marketplaces such as , Amazon Music, CD Baby and itunes do this for you, that is why they are a good place to set up shop

Help yourself
  1. Be Social - Social Media is a goldmine of opportunities to promote your products. You have Face Book, Twitter, My Space, and a ton of Ning Sites, all offering you a way to let a huge audience know about what you sell and where they can find it. CAUTION The KEY word is SOCIAL - BE social. Chat with the people, show genuine interest in what THEY say, and they will return the favor. Above all have fun.
  2. Join In - There are countless site to brainstorm with fellow musicians. There are groups on Face Book, My Space, as well as other places such as, and a wide array of Ning sites. Remember - not only is it good way to find out information, but musicians buy too!
  3. Blog it - A blog is and excellent way to promote without actually doing so. Simply by writing about what you like, or telling stories about the band, where youre playing, etc people get to know you a little better, and often will look at the ’Ad’ you have on the side.
  4. Add your two cents worth - You are NOT a Blogger? Then try just leaving comments on ones you read. Agree, Disagree, give Kudos, add your two cents! When you add a comment you can also add a url. Why not use your url to where your music is!
  5. YouTube It - You Tube is one of the most powerful marketing tools for musicians today. Use it, but use it wisely. Be sure the video is interesting and good quality, both audio and video wise.
Be your biggest fan
  1. Become a Walking Billboard - Have a Custom T- Shirt made with your Logo. Or a tote bag, bumper sticker, window decal, you name it. Sell these or give them to your fans.  They will spread the word for you.
  2. Address the issue - Make some address labels that not only have your Name or BAND name and Address BUT your URL on it! I use them on everything, even my bills I pay.
  3. The 3 foot rule - Use the 3 foot rule. Simply put, anyone that comes within 3 feet of you will know you are a MUSICIAN. Find a way when ever possible to talk about songs. And if you follow this up with a business card, you just may get a sale or a Gig out of the deal.
  4. Get Reviews - ask around for reviews of the album. Just be sure to go with those that understand your genre. A country artist is not going to fare well with someone who prefers rap.
I Don’t have the time
  1. You don’t have the time to market. Many musicians don’t. Then consider hiring someone to handle your PR and Marketing. There are many good firms and freelance people that can do this for you. But WARNING: you must research them. As many good ones are out there, there are those that are scams. And remember size and price does not mean quality.
These are some of the basic steps you can take to try to drive more people to your site, and hence, make more sales. Be creative, be social, and become your biggest fan. Above have fun. It is not rocket science it is common sense. Remember common sense equals dollars and cents.

Feel free to add your two cents…. What works for you? (and lets see if you paid attention)

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