Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Basic tips for musicians websites

You know you need to build some web presence for your band, and although you are on MySpace and FaceBook, you feel it is time for your own website. Good for you! Having a central locale to point fans, venues, media, and others to is a smart idea. From your own site, you can link all your other spots into, post your EPK., stream some tunes, and offer merchandise. You can design a layout to better reflect your style thus giving people a visual sense of what your music and band is all about. Just don’t over do it.

Too many bands set up a website and toss in every bell and whistle they find. Flash, apps, fancy graphics, streaming audio can slow down the load time of a site, causing people to say ‘Cya!’ before the front page opens.

Some basic rules of thumb should be followed when designing a website, and even if you have someone design it for you, if you follow the basics you will find it will retain your visitors attention and have them coming back for more.

Simple url - pick a simple url. If ‘bob’ is taken, try bobsmithband or bobsmithmusic or even just the initials ‘’
Drop the Flashy stuff - JavaScript that loads mini windows, flashy graphics not only slow down load time, they are annoying to many.

Turn off the auto play - everyone’s speakers are different, and the sound that is at a comfortable level on your computer maybe way to loud on someone else’s. Besides, it can slow down load time.

Supply a good navigation menu - be sure to keep your page titles direct. Name your Bio page ‘Bio’ ‘About the band’ etc , not ‘ Come into my lair’ You fans may think its cute, but the venue or booking agent you send may not.

Keep a color scheme - pick a color scheme and keep it all the way through. Colors that reflects your style of music works best. If your genre is Country, hot pink with neon green may not be the best choice. And speaking of color, it is:

A.) a good idea to use the same colors on your spots on MySpace, Facebook etc.
B.) Avoid the black background with colored font. A lighter background with dark font is easier the read. If you absolutely MUST have black background, use a very light colored font.

Keep pictures clean - Trust me, you will not impress the important people with those pictures of that wild party you went to. “What happened in Vegas needs to stay in Vegas.” The same goes for your blog posts.

Don’t over do it - PERIOD. - include your latest video, a few of your newest or best songs, a few pictures. You can link to your MySpace, Facebook, Reverbnation and other sites for your vistors to see more. This will also increase traffic to those sites.  And don't forget to put the website link on those spots!

Keeping a website slick, simple and clean (in more ways than one) will provide an enjoyable experience for your fans while showing the booking agents etc that you and your band are true professionals


2woofers said...

It's a shame the internet wasn't around when I was playing. Lots of foot work in the good old days.

Renagade said...

Yes my friend ... the internet has allowed artist to expand and grow a fanbase, foind work and gigs anywhere their heart and wallet can take them, and allow them to really gain exposure.
Now that the world is their playground, the possiablities are endless for those who work at it!