Saturday, September 11, 2010

Proper Storage and Handling of Vinyl Records

The handling and storage of vinyl records can make the difference between having years of enjoyment to having material for a crafter to make a bowl. ( Yes, some are finding a second life as a bowl among other things!) Most of this is elementary information for the older vinyl junkies, but for the newcomer to wonderful world of vinyl, their maybe somethings you over look when storing or handling your records.
Handling a record involves the many of the  same principles of handling CDs.

1. SLIDE the vinyl out of the sleeve taking care to not fingerprint the surface up.  Sure you will get a few prints on it, but they can be wiped off.  Hold by the edges and or label area as much as possiable.
2. PLACE it vinyl onto the turntable.  Do not slap it on, drop it on, nor should you play 'fribee' with it and hope it lands on spindle.
3. CLEAN the playing surface.  Gently wipe off or better yet, use a soft bristled brush or small vaccuum to clear dust from grooves. Be sure to clean stylus with a stylus brush.
4 GENTLY place the needle onto the vinyl.  Dropping the needle can cause a dent that may cause a skip.  Gently lift the arm up as well at the end of the record play.

1. NEVER Store your vinyl flat.  Always store upright.
2. NEVER store one out of a sleeve. Replacment sleeves are available.  I have been purchasing from Square Deal and have been very satified with the quailty and their service.
If the innersleeve is torn, or if it is one you are going to want to have, ie has lyrics, Bios, or awesome artwork, you may want to use a different sleeve to store your vinyl in.
(As a side note, I am amazed at the dealers that actually sell and ship records minus an innersleeve.)
3. When placing the record (in an innersleeve) back into the cover or jacket, place it in with the opening up.  NOT with opening along the opening of the jacket.  This will prevent the vinyl accidently sliding out. And will also protect it from dust.

4. The outer jacket can be just as important as the vinyl itself.  They at Square Deal also carry outer sleeves to protect them from dust, etc.  As a dealer, I include one with every purchase.
5. When storing, keep them away from direct sunlight, extreme heat, cold and dampness.

For storage, there are record crates and storage cases on the market that are stylish as well as functional. And be sure not to 'overstuff' the shelf, crate or case.

Everyone has known at least one person who just does not handle or store their records properly.  That person may not realize just how fragile the records are.  It is up to you, as a collector to pass on your knowledge.
Example of a No-No:

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